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What the Top 5% Do That the Rest Wish They Knew
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From: Heather C. Ramsey

Dear Friend,

If you’re ready to finally get paid more in 90 days than what you once did in a year, double the free time you have per week, while dripping with excitement about your life and your business…

… Then, it’s time to consider enrolling in the 8 week Rewired4Success Mastermind, so you will apply & live your 1st official Success Cycle, and really get what the Top 5% do, that the rest wish they knew... and start winning bigger results now vs later ...

This world class training & coaching program is for entrepreneurs & business professionals like you who "want it ALL".  You want the money and time freedom, AND you also want to be happier - to love what you do, who you are a hero to, to make a true impact on the people you interact with, leaving a legacy for future generations.

Here's What Our Students Say

You probably know, most business owners like us are

"Quick Starts"...

...We love new ideas, but find it hard fully executing those ideas until the very end - seeing them complete.

Everything in this program is set up to ensure that you implement the (revenue producing) activities that you may be procrastinating on.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Geoff Menzies Geoff Menzies, Financial Advisor, Entrepreneur

“I wasn’t even making $2,000 per month. Now I’ve gone over $8,000 and I’m on my way to hit my target of $10,000.”

Valerie Rodney Valerie Rodney, Fundraiser Specialist

“Our organization sponsors children... I was able to raise $10,000.00 (in my first call) as a direct result of Rewired4Success.”

Hi I'm Heather Ramsey...
and this is my (somewhat unusual) story...

Listen, I know what it's like to struggle...

I didn't always run multiple businesses, wasn't always a 6-figure business expert, author, speaker, trainer... I didn't always have the skills to be on the Minister of Energy's Advisory Counsel. I didn't always live in my dream home in one of the best neighbourhoods, in one of the best cities in the world.

I had to learn the hard way, through countless disappointments, cheques that didn't clear, a business partner who racked up a 6-figure debt in my name, and then embezzled $109,000.00 from corporate accounts as his exit strategy...

But no matter what your past looks like, no matter what has happened before this moment - you can make a new future - NOW! You can be a success in business & in life NOW!

fade-leftfade-rightI'd like to personally invite you...

... to enroll in a program that will change your business, financial & personal life forever. If you're an entrepreneur, small business owner, sales person, or you have an interest in increasing your income - WHILE becoming truly happier and energetically aligned to a greater purpose... This program, Rewired 4 Success is guaranteed to work for you..."


Here's What You WILL GET When You

Join The ReWired4Success Course


8 Week  "Success Cycle Trainings" -  $2,497 Value

Participate in the "Success Training", private "Business Building", & "Accountability Mastermind".

Founder & Head Trainer, Heather Ramsey brings her A Game to you, giving you the most relevant insights to accomplish your higher results faster!


Rewired4Success Manual & Successipedia - $997 Value

You will use the "Rewired4Success" Manual to effortlessly integrate this Success Training into your life.

Integrating the training you'll receive with the Manual will increase your comprehension & speed of integration. After it will be a life-long "Success Guide" for you to cycle up to higher & higher results.

PLUS: "Successipedia" is a Living Reservoir of 40 Success Principles & 120 Practices. Anywhere, any time, for life ... you can raise your success in 5 minutes!


Daily/Weekly "Rewiring Play-Work" - $497 Value

Getting yourself engaged in a process is what creates lasting results… Remember when you were a kid how you 'became the game'? This Play-Work is designed not only to develop your sense of wonder, it actually makes your accomplishments fun, rewarding and truly satisfying…

(Let alone: actually happen in record time).


Facebook Accountability
Mastermind Group - $Priceless

Connect with current & alumni Rewired4Success private members.  Request an accountability partner.  Get answers to your challenges. 10X your results!


Before & After “Rewired Results” Assessment - $297 Value

Way more valuable to measure where your "Inner & Outer Game" of Success are at the beginning. Way more satisfying & motivating to see your measured improvements in your Success Game & Results at the end!

This custom assessment provides you with the measurable improvements you made during your first of many "Success Cycles". When I was having lunch with best-selling author Robert G. Allen at his home in California he said: "WOW, if you've figured out how to measure the change in peoples' Success Results, that's worth the whole program!"

That's ONLY the 'basic yet invaluable Success Program'...

On top of that...

... I want you to have more. Ensure you succeed by giving you an additional bonuses, totalling $997 extra value.

It's a "Private Success Mentoring" session with me, where we'll go deep on The Profit Areas in your business!"

Private One-on-One Hour "Success Consult" - $997 Value ***(If Qualified)

This "Private Success Consult" Bonus is not necessary for you to receive fantastic results from the ReWired4Success program...

The course truly stands on it's own as a world class results-producing product & experience.

This Gift is a 100% "on top of everything else" - ONLY FOR those who qualify.

(frankly its value alone could exceed the price of the course). Us working with you 1-on-1 enables us to provide customized solutions to your unique business & life scenario (to ensure you win).

Here's The Value Break Down:

8 Module  "Success Cycle Training "


"Successipedia" & "Rewired4Success" Manual:


"Results Playwork" Implementation:


Facebook Accountability
Mastermind Group


Before & After "Rewired Results" Measurement:


Bonus #1: Million Dollar "Private Mentoring Success Session"


The Total Value of The Program: $5,285 but if you order today you can get it for:

Only $997

WAIT! There's most definitely more (and more)...

...Enroll now and you'll also get access to the following "money making marketing" bonuses.

The Exclusive "Money Making Marketing" Course

Colin Campbell from has helped me with marketing.

Colin's directly accountable for placing 1,064 new, qualified prospects in my database. In addition, my sales each year increase as a result of what he does.

I want you to have the same thing.

That's why I convinced him to offer you an additional bonus worth $1,000.

"Hi, Colin Campbell here.

As Heather mentioned, I help business owners increase their sales by improving their marketing...  And it's a real pleasure to work with ReWired Clients like you (if you choose to enroll in Heather's course).

On top of everything else Heather & Rewired have put together for your success,
I'm also going to give you one more MASSIVE bonus for signing up Now.

Here's the deal...

I created a mini-course that revealed 7 of my top money making insights. I called it The Money-Making Marketing Course. It's undervalued at $1997.00.

  • 1

    Part1 - The “lazy way” to produce a consistent stream of valuable content for your subscribers/fans…

    without sitting at your computer for countless hours.

  • 2

    Part2 - The three steps to sell a product you haven’t created yet.

    This is a massive time and money saver. This method allows you to practically “never fail” because the test is often very inexpensive to run.

  • 3

    Part3 - How to avoid the top 3 “advertising uh-ohs”

    that steal profits from your marketing campaigns.

  • 4

    Part4 - How to name a product, a service,

    a free give-away or a URL that sells the right clients who want to stay with you long term.

  • 5

    Part5 - The Testimonial Acquisition Email Template.

    Copy, paste and send to your customers to get testimonials to use in your marketing.

  • 6

    Part6 - The 5 things to include in your welcome email

    to trigger sales and referrals within the first 90 days of them opting in.

  • 7

    Part7 - The $20K “timeline selling” worksheet.

    It’s a simple sales process you can use to convert more prospects to clients. (I call it 20K because I used it to sell a $20,000 coaching program.)

So, if you enrol in the "Rewired4Success" Program Now I'm going to give you The ($1,997) "Money-Making Marketing" Course FOR FREE as an additional bonus.

This special bonus offer is exclusively for the people who decide to take their business to the next level through the Rewired4Success System...

When I say "exclusively" I mean it... You will not find it online -- not even on my own site.

So join The ReWired Program now and get access to it all - Success, Marketing, Business Results.



There is also ZERO Risk on your part.

100% Money Back, No Risk Guarantee

We take your results seriously. How could we stay in business and continue to thrive if we couldn’t guarantee the value in this course? Place all the risk on us. Enter the Program, receive “Successipedia”, Build your Sweet Spot Goal, apply the Success Principles & Practices, do your “Results Playwork” and if after half way through the course (yes 4 Weeks in) through your “Success Cycle” you don’t feel like you already got the value of your entire investment we will refund 100% of your money back. Zero Risk – 100% Reward.

Here's a Summary of Everything You Get:


Today Only $997


YES Heather! I want to use the "ReWired 4 Success" Program to easily turn my past failures into epic financial success and live the life I deserve.

I understand that all I have to do is cover the (significantly reduced) cost of doing business, which is a drop in the bucket compared to what I and my business will potentially be worth.

I also understand that I'm investing in the expense of you having to go out and learn all the best practices, systematizing it and taking the time and the resources to build this program for me…

This will absolutely increase my success & happiness on every level of my business & life.

Don't Delay, we have 3 Easy Access Options

"P.S - Take action now.

Don't hesitate and jeopardize your success, your potential additional income and the life-style you want by "thinking about it, maybe next time, I'll have to talk it over with..." or any other limiting belief you could come up with.

This is a crossroad between "achieving your dream life" on the upside or "getting what you've always got" on the downside.

This decision will take you to the next level guaranteed.  Allow me to have faith in your ability to breakthrough your current situation.  Accept me as your mentor for this critical juncture in your life.  You will be thrilled at the result.

Scroll down, click on your payment option and follow-through now before it's too late.  We'll be in contact immediately to welcome you into the "ReWired4Success" Program."

Don't Delay, we have 3 Easy Access Options