ReWired 4 Success LIVE! - Sat May 28th

How to Create More Business Success & Sales Momentum
In The Next 90 Days, Than In The Last YEAR.

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Here are 5 of the breakthroughs you'll walk away with at ReWired4Success LIVE...

If you are a business owner, high-commission salesperson, entrepreneur ... and you want a fast leap in your productivity, your income and your service to others, here are a couple things you'll get from this event:

  • “Real Business Results” - How to create stellar business success every day. This productivity & priorities breakthrough earned one entrepreneur an extra $2138 in residual income month after month.
  • “Completion Selling” - The relaxing method to sell your services. Imagine at the end of your day of prospecting and sales calls, you feel lighter, more refreshed than when you started the day.
  • “Business Systems on Auto-Pilot” How to regain complete control of your business, your time & your life. This business systems breakthrough earned a business owner $26,000 additional revenue in less than 60 days.
  • The Subconscious Rewired Method™ – You probably know your subconscious is running 95% of the show - and your results. You probably don’t know how to clear those unsupportive programs easily, quickly, effectively. Clear your subconscious blocks that stop you & your success – Live right in the session!
  • The Success Cycle™– Install the Top 5% Success Practices, Drop the Bottom 95% Failure Habits, Actually Set & Achieve your next 90 Day Business Goal (in Record Time), so your Sales, your Satisfaction, & your Success Soar!

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Here Are The Event Details:

The VIP Ticket Gives You:

•VIP front row seats at the Live Event.

•Full, private catered lunch with Heather Ramsey & Rewired4Success Members & Grads.

•LIVE EVENT “Transformational” Content Guide.

The General Admission Ticket Gives You:

•General seating at the Live Event.

•LIVE EVENT “Transformational” Content Guide.

•FREE Admission (with option to upgrade to VIP + Bonuses).

Toronto – Details: TBA


May 28th
9:30AM – 5PM


About The Trainer, Heather Ramsey

Heather Ramsey (Founder of Rewired WorldWide) is a master 6-figure business consultant, best-selling author and world-renowned trainer who specializes in building cashflow positive businesses that enable the “owner entrepreneur” to become financially independent in 5 - 8 years.

She first became financially independent as a result of her consulting career in the Bio-Sustainability movement - helping massive corporations increase their profits while reducing environmental pollution.

A skillful, strategic thinker, Heather is now helping small businesses increase their cashflow, decrease their work-time and create a business they love.  Spend time in the presence of Heather and witness your business reach ‘next level’ success - guaranteed.

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What other people have got from this "ReWired4Success" training:

"This week I closed at $15K contract as a result of what you taught me."

Scott Craig
Scott Craig Marketing Consultant, Toronto

“I was actually able to increase my income by  over $2,000 per month of solid residual income.”

Camille Lawson
Camille Lawson MEd, Hormones, Sexuality & Health Advisor

“I’ve already reached $26,000…and this is because all the tools that have helped me to delegate and systematize…  Thank you Heather!”

Laure Ampilhac
Laure Ampilhac Wealth Advisor, Mortgage Broker, Entrepreneur

“Last week I had $9,000 billable hours...  That's been a huge change for me."

Michele Follows
Michele Follows Integrated Money Manager, Accountant, Controllers On Demand™ Inc.
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