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Well this was fun! 
My dream is to have my positive ball of energy be bigger than my negative ball of energy. 
My chief aim is to feel good most of the time about my body, my relationships, my income, despite/with the help of whatever is happening around me. 
My sweet spot goal is to feel great in my own skin – feel happy and healthy in my body. 

I found that it was easier for me to have a high belief and excitement over feeling goals than general or specific ones. I wrote down something a bit more specific at first and it was an 8/8 vs. the 10/10 of the above sweet spot goal. My accountability partner was really helpful in validating that I was going in the right direction, so thank you Ben! 

PS: I unfortunately won’t be able to make this Tuesday’s call as I’ll be in an all-day company-wide event. But I look forward to viewing the recap on Wednesday. 
Have a wonderful week, everyone!