Reply To: Week 3 – Track to Win On

Lori Davis

Draft Sweet Spot Goal: Finding my dream job!

Final Sweet Spot Goal: Working in my dream job

Outer Game:
– Mondays- search for 10 new companies that I would like to work for
-Tuesdays- reach out to 10 key personnel by text, email, phone calls
-Fridays- follow up with contacts

Inner Game:
– joined weekly meditation group
– lost 30 pounds in last 3 months, eating a more balanced diet
– replacing negative self doubt with feelings of joy and gratefulness (listening to audios, reading books, being around supportive people, exercise)
-Making amends with my past and fixing old relationships
-Continuing my education and learning upping my teachable index
-Reviewed week 4 material and practising P3 (focusing on SSG for 68 sec throughout the day and making my top 3 items to do every day.)